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17th september 2019


The inaugural session of the Development Board was held on Friday 6 September 2019.

Frédéric Barra, President of the Barra SNM port handling company, was elected Chair of the Development Board and Franck Gonsse, Secretary General of CNTPA, as Vice-Chair.

Frederic Barra, also Vice-President of the union of handling companies and president of the Dunkerque Paid Leave Fund, was a member of the Development Board during its previous term.

The newly elected Chair wishes "To continue on from what was achieved by the previous Chair, Philippe Bertonèche, who made this institution a place where points of view, ideas and contributions are debated calmly thanks to the wide-ranging backgrounds of its members". He also aims to "Participate in the finalization of the 3rd strategic project 2019-2023 with the Executive Board, the establishment of the PA2D and contribute to the development and expansion of Dunkerque-Port within the framework of the assignments provided for the Development Board by law, in harmony with the surrounding region" .

The Development Board is consulted on the strategic project, the pricing policy and any questions that may be submitted to it by the Supervisory Board or the Executive Committee of Dunkerque-Port. The assembly consists of thirty members (see the list in the appendix), from four "colleges" representing the port, the staff of companies operating on the Port, regional and local authorities, as well as qualified individuals interested in the development of the Port.

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