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Chargement de tubes


  • CIF

    Cost, Insurance and Freight included in export price.

  • Careening

    Repair or maintenance of the immersed part of a ship.

  • Cargo derrick

    Boom on board ship used for loading and discharging cargo.

  • Chandler

    Merchant who supplies vessels with all kinds of stores.

  • Charterer

    CURSORPerson or company that charters a vessel or hires it for use in accordance with the terms of the hire contract or charter-party.

  • Conference (or Shipping Consortium)

    Agreement between shipowners chiefly with a view to enforcing common freight rates to specific destinations and coordinating sea transport.

  • Container

    Ocean-going transport container, usually quadrangular-shaped and designed for easy loading and unloading with no break-bulk during routing. Standard containers are 20, 30 or 40' long, and have a capacity of 30, 45 and 60 cubic metres respectively.

  • Customs

    The authority controlling imports and exports and levying any duties on trade.

  • Deadweight capacity

    Difference between a ship's light displacement and her loaded displacement. Maximum loading capacity allowed by international safety rules.

  • Deep Sea

    Trans-oceanic shipping routes.