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Chargement de tubes


  • Demurrage

    Fixed sum, per day, to be paid by the charterer to the owner for the detention of a vessel under charter upon expiry of laydays.

  • Despatch Money

    CURSORPremium paid by the shipowner for time saved while loading or discharging a chartered ship.

  • Direct transhipment

    Loading of goods from one means of conveyance to another without landing said goods.

  • Docker

    Dockers are professional workers specialised in loading and unloading goods on board ships. Since the law of 9 June 1992 supplemented by the local agreement of 10 July 1992 and its amendments, dockers have been governed by common labour law and are therefore permanent employees of stevedoring companies under the authority of the company manager.
    NB: Dockers were previously governed by the 1947 law and were normally hired as casual day workers for shifts of 4 or 8 hours.

  • Dolphin

    Wooden or steel pipe or concrete block anchored on the bottom of docks or seaways, and to which a ship may be moored or hauled taut.

  • Door to Door

    Term covering the transportation of goods from the sender's premises to the receiver's premises.

  • Draught / Draft

    The depth of a vessel below the waterline to the lowest part of the hull.

  • Edifact

    CURSORElectronic Data Interchange for Agriculture Commerce and Trade. Worldwide system standardised under the aegis of the UN.

  • FAS

    Free Alongside Ship. Goods must be placed by the shipper within reach of the ship's tackle.

  • FCL

    CURSORFull Container Load.