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Chargement de tubes


  • FIO

    Free In and Out. Sea carriage not including the handling costs for loading and unloading.

  • FOB

    Free On Board. All costs of handling goods until loaded on board are paid by the shipper.

  • Forwarding agent / Freight forwarder

    A forwarding agent plays a major role in foreign trade and in the transport sequence, in which he acts either as an authorised agent or as a freight forwarder. As authorised agent, he acts on behalf of the shipper at loading, and of the consignee at discharge, in accordance with specific instructions from both. In this capacity, he is subject to the laws governing mandates, and is therefore only liable if he has committed a breach of duty. As forwarding agent, he is solely responsible for the carriage throughout and, as such, has full control of operations and may take any step he sees fit. Since he is liable for the outcome of his undertaking, he carries responsibility for the carriage and may be liable even if he made no error of judgement.

  • Freycinet

    The Dunkirk quays in the various commercial docks. Named after a Minister of Public Works.

  • Glossary

    Artificial rectangular basin surrounded by quays for berthing vessels in the port.

  • Graving dock

    Dry dock for carrying out major repairs on ships out of water.

  • Groupage

    Consolidation of goods from various shippers into a single load.

  • Handling

    All operations of loading and discharging goods from ships.CURSOR

  • Harbour Master's Office

    The Harbour Master reports to the Port Authority and is in charge of the movements of ships in port and enforcing harbour regulations.

  • Hinterland

    Geographic area of the port's economic influence for a given transport mode.