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Chargement de tubes


  • Incoterms

    Rules explaining the commercial terms of international trade.

  • Knot

    Unit of speed: one knot equals one nautical mile per hour.

  • LCL

    Less than Container Load. Quantity of goods to be grouped to form a full container load.

  • Laydays

    Number of days laid down in the charter party and granted to the charterer for loading and unloading a cargo.

  • Liner terms

    Conditions governing the content of the line's freight rate.

  • Lo-Lo (Ship)

    Vessel fitted with lift-on/lift-off equipment, generally used for containerised transport.

  • Lock chamber

    Portion of lock between upper and lower gates which the vessel is in during the change of water level.

  • Long shift

    Work period of 8 consecutive hours in the Port of Dunkirk.

  • Manifest

    Customs document listing all the goods loaded or discharged during a ship's call.

  • Maritime Affairs

    The government authority responsible for safe navigation.