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Chargement de tubes


  • Sheet piles

    Metal sections driven into the ground to form walls (like a cofferdam) and used in public works structures.

  • Ship Repair

    Maintenance and repair of ships.

  • Shipowner

    Person or company who fits out a ship, providing the equipment, provisions, fuel and crew and everything necessary for navigation.

  • Shipper

    Person or company who despatches goods by sea.

  • Shipping agent

    The ship's agent is the person or company to whom the ship is entrusted, either temporarily or permanently, in the name and on behalf of the shipowner and/or the sea carrier, to carry out duties which the Master of the ship does not perform himself. The ship's agent receives the goods for shipment at the port of loading. At the discharge port he is responsible for their delivery to the appropriate consignee. Both duties may be assigned to the same person or company or to two separate ones.

  • Short shift

    Work period of 4 consecutive hours in the Port of Dunkirk.

  • Slack water

    Period between flood and ebb or between the cessation of the tidal stream in one direction and its commencement in the opposite direction.

  • Sling

    Rope or cable used for encircling an object to hook it to a crane or ship's tackle.

  • Starboard

    Right-hand side of a ship moving forward.

  • Stevedore

    Port handling company with its own permanent staff (dockers) and handling equipment. It hires cranes and other facilities from the Port Authority for handling goods on board ship and on land.