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Chargement de tubes


  • Stowage

    Handling and placing of goods securely on board ship.

  • Stripping

    Handling of goods to unload a container.

  • Stuffing

    CURSORHandling of goods to load a container.

  • Surcharges

    Applicable to basic freight to cover variations in currency, fuel prices (bunker) or port conditions (e.g. congestion, delays).

  • TEU

    Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit. Applies to container traffic statistics.

  • Tidal dock

    Dock without a lock whose level varies with the tide.

  • Tidal range

    Difference of level between low tide and high tide.

  • Time-Charter

    Vessel charter party for a fixed period.

  • Tonnage

    The volume of a vessel, used for registration and for calculating its tax rates and insurance premiums. The unit of measurement is the register ton, which is equal to 100 cubic feet or 2.831 cubic metres. The gross tonnage represents the ship's internal volume plus the volume of the enclosed spaces on deck (less the volume of the double bottom and certain spaces above the upper deck and the volume of any fittings such as galleys, auxiliary machinery, etc). The net tonnage corresponds to the gross tonnage less the volume of the spaces that will not hold cargo, e.g. engine rooms, cabins, master's and crew's accommodation, fuel bunkers, etc.

  • Towage

    Company providing tugs to assist ships with manœuvres on entering and leaving the port.