Ship services

Pilotage to or from the Eastern Port or the Western Port and via the shoals of Flanders is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pilotage is compulsory from the Dyck Buoy or Buoy E12 for vessels of more than 100 metres LOA and vessels carrying hydrocarbons or hazardous goods in bulk.

Pilotage is compulsory from the breakwaters for vessels of more than 50 m LOA at the Eastern Port and ships of more than 70 m LOA at the Western Port.

Pilots arrive by launch or helicopter.

Dunkirk has 32 pilots, 5 pilot boats and 1 Ecureuil helicopter, as well as a radar station.

> Contacts

Station de Pilotage
Avenue des bancs de Flandre
Tél : +33 (0)3 28 66 74 14
Fax : +33 (0)3 28 59 01 88
Site web : http://www.pilotes-maritimes.fr

President : M. Jean Charles LE GALL
e-mail : president@pilotagedunkerque.com

Head of the Pilotage : Christophe PLEUVRET
e-mail : chef@pilotagedunkerque.com

Ship Movement Office :
e-mail : TOV@pilotagedunkerque.com