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Partnership Charter signed between Dunkerque-Port, the CNTPA-CSOPMI and the banana producers of Guadeloupe & Martinique
9th september 2010

Charte de Partenariat UGPBAN

After 12 years of close cooperation between Guadeloupe and Martinique in the refrigerated carriage of bananas, Dunkerque-Port, the CNTPA-CSOPMI and the Guadeloupe & Martinique Banana Producers' Union (UGPBAN) have decided to reinforce their partnership by signing a new Charter.

The document was signed by UGPBAN President Eric de Lucy, Martine Bonny, Chair of Dunkerque-Port's Executive Committee, and Franck Gonsse, Secretary General of the CNTPA-CSOPMI (Occasional and Temporary Port Workers' Union). Also present were Xavier Eiglier, Director of Lignes Antilles Guyane CMA-CGM, and Michel Delebarre, President of Dunkirk Urban Community.

Guaranteeing quality during banana discharging operations in Dunkirk

Bananas from Guadeloupe & Martinique are highly perishable foodstuffs and must be handled with the greatest of care, especially during their transfer to distribution platforms.

  • The Charter primarily concerns ships docking with cargoes of bananas in the context of the Regulation on the operation of public berths.
  • It also serves to put in place the available facilities for discharging containers of bananas and positioning them at the entrances to logistics warehouses.

"In signing the Charter, we aim to ensure that the trade in bananas from Guadeloupe and Martinique in Dunkirk is reliable and ongoing. Bananas represent an annual tonnage of approximately of 300,000 tonnes for Dunkerque-Port, and the purpose of the Charter is to ensure that Dunkirk remains France's leading port in the handling of containerised fruit and vegetables," explains Xavier Eiglier.

A "quality" approach as part of the Guadeloupe & Martinique Banana Plan to promote sustainable development

Since the launch of the Sustainable Banana Plan in December 2008, the Guadeloupe & Martinique Banana Producers' Union (UGPBAN) has promoted sustainable development in the three areas of the environment, working conditions and the economy.

"This Charter demonstrates a real determination to guarantee social reliability in the Port, as well as offering consumers high-quality fruit," says Eric de Lucy.

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