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11th october 2010


Maritime transport is an essential vector for international trade, with approximately 90% of worldwide trade taking place by sea. The Urban Community and Dunkerque-Port are convinced that the port has the capacity to meet new challenges.

Locally, the port's public property covers almost a third of the territory of the urban community, and industrial and port businesses provide employment, directly or indirectly, for some 27,000 people and generate nearly 80% of Dunkirk's added value; so it is crucial that these two major stakeholders, the Urban Community and Dunkerque-Port, communicate and work together.

The agreement is designed to ensure joint reflection and action by the two structures in promoting the territory's development, attractiveness and sustainable development. Many issues are at stake in terms of town planning, quality of life and economic activity.

To reinforce the coherence of the policies developed, Michel Delebarre, Former Minister of State and President of the Urban Community, and Martine Bonny, Chair of Dunkerque-Port's Executive Committee, in the presence of Secretary of State for Transport Dominique Bussereau, undertake, while respecting each one's prerogatives, to take the other's concerns into consideration when defining its action and projects. They intend to pursue common objectives in order to make the territory into a full-scale logistics and commercial platform and position Dunkirk in the market of containers and other general cargoes, while improving its industry and energy hub.