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15th october 2010


Dunkerque-Port (Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque / GPMD) has announced that it is the first port in France to operate and maintain its rail infrastructures.

Since the order of 2 August 2005, port rail lines had been managed by the port authorities rather than by the national rail network manager, Réseau Ferré de France.

With the ministerial ruling of 4 March 2008 which transferred the port's entire rail network permanently to the Port of Dunkirk, Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque was now responsible for organising the management of its rail network.

In December 2009 the Board of Trustees of Dunkerque-Port ratified the choice of Groupe Eurotunnel (GET) as the Port's service provider for the maintenance and operation of the port railway lines as of 2011.

For this purpose, Dunkerque-Port and its service company Europorte Services, a subsidiary of GET, have drawn up a set of Operating Safety Rules (RSE) in compliance with the framework set out by the Rail Safety Organisation (EPSF).

In complying strictly with the provisions of the Sea Ports Code, Dunkirk is now the first port in France to manage its rail infrastructure. Its railway line network will be operated by Europorte Services as of 21 December 2010.