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5th may 2011

Trafic Avril 2011

April's traffic volumes confirm the good start to the year. Total traffic to the end of April was up 11% compared with last year.

Hydrocarbons posted a rise of 107% to 2.75 MT due to good performance by refined products which were up 46% at 1.94 MT, as well as the traffic in crude oil. Since the beginning of the year the Port has seen 7 crude oil export calls and three crude oil import calls, with a total tonnage of 811 KT.

Other liquid bulks, mainly for RUBIS, show a good trend (+17% t 452 KT).

Liquid bulks were up 88%overall at 3.20 MT.

Ore cargoes made a very average month of April for imports and were down 13% compared with the same period in 2010. Tonnage was 3.98 MT. April saw two calls for reshipment to Bremen in Germany.

Coal was back to the 2010 figure following a good month of April, with a tonnage of 1.88 MT.

After an exceptional month in March (329 KT), grain cargoes continued to rise in April with an increase of 157% over the same period in 2010 and a tonnage of 873 KT.

However, "small" solid bulks were down 23%.

Solid bulks fell 1% overall to 7.56 MT.

General cargoes were up 4% at 5.06 MT.

Ro-Ro traffic was down 4% at 3.61 MT due to the downturn in freight, but tourism was the same as in 2010.

Containers rose significantly by 28% with 87,000 TEUs due to the high volumes of the Port's major lines (Caribbean, CMA CGM's "FAL3" French Asia Line, fruits, etc) and a few exceptional calls.
The number of full containers also posted a sharp rise of 41% with 58,000 full TEUs. The percentage of full containers out of the total number of containers is now 67% compared with 60% in 2010.