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7th june 2012


For work on the LNG terminal, the staff of the contracting authorities (Dunkerque-Port, Dunkerque LNG), Pôle Emploi (the Job Centre) and the association Entreprendre Ensemble have joined forces to promote employment and training from the start of operations on the terminal;

Among the actions undertaken, Dunkerque-Port has taken advantage of this large-scale project to include clauses on professional integration through employment in the contract specifications for the port infrastructures, with the support of Pôle Emploi and Entreprendre Ensemble. The contract requires staff qualified to operate machinery and carry out manœuvres, skills which are available on the job market, in particular through training courses funded by Pôle Emploi and the Regional Council.

After four months of works, the SODRACO-COLAS-MENARD-BOUYGUES TP RF consortium has already achieved 11,532 hours of integration, exceeding the original objective of 10,000 hours.

In all, following the joint action of Pôle Emploi and Entreprendre Ensemble, 144 job-seekers have found work with worksite contracts of approximately 12 months, thanks to the commitment of the SODRACO-COLAS-MENARD-BOUYGUES TP RF consortium which has made a determined effort to hire local labour, in agreement with Dunkerque Port.

Who is concerned by the integration clauses?

These clauses concern job-seekers who have been unemployed for at least 12 out of the past 18 months, persons receiving the RSA allowance (earned income supplement), disabled workers, young people with employability difficulties; in short, anyone unemployed who lives within the area of Dunkirk Urban Community. 

The combined operations of the three contracting authorities 

All these figures must be compared with the total number of jobs created since the works began following the respective ITTs of Dunkerque-Port, Dunkerque LNG and GRT gaz: this number is 398 today (out of 461 jobs offered on 1 June 2012).