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10th july 2012


Traffic in June 2012 (provisional figures) experienced a new fall in volumes of solid bulks. Total traffic to the end of June was 23.37 MT, a slight drop of 3.9% compared with last year.

Liquid bulks showed an overall downturn of 24% to 3.35 MT.

Hydrocarbons were down 25% at 2.65 MT due to the stoppage of crude oil storage. A comparison of refined products alone shows a moderate drop of 3% to 2.65 MT.

Other liquid bulks were down 24% at 697 KT.

Solid bulks fell 6.8% with 11.52 MT.

Ore made a slow month in June. The total tonnage was 5.62 MT to the end of June.

Coal also slumped in June. The traffic in the first half of 2012 nevertheless continued to rise, up 15% with a tonnage of 4.06 MT.

Grain has to be compared with an exceptional year in 2011. It posted a drop of 56% with a tonnage of 524 KT.

"Small" solid bulk traffic dropped by 16% to 1.30 MT.

General cargoes continued the good trend observed since the start of the year (+13 % at 8.5 MT).

RoRo increased by 22% with a tonnage of 6.76 MT.

Freight traffic was up 23% with 290,000 trucks and trailers. Passenger numbers rose by 7% with 1.1 million passengers and drivers and more than 330,000 cars (stable).

After a good month of May, containers again posted average figures in June with a total of  20,000 TEU. The total for the first six months was 134,000 TEU, a rise of 3% compared with the same period in 2011