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2012 TRAFFIC: 47.2 MT (-0.6%)
9th january 2013

2012 Traffic Vignet

The total volume for all types of traffic was 47.22 MT at the end of December, a very small drop of 0.6% compared with 2011.


2011 had seen a few crude oil operations for Total (1.16 MT), but this traffic was discontinued in 2012 except for a final ship of 40 KT in December, to empty the tanks. Hydrocarbons were thus down by 12% overall with a tonnage of 5.66 MT, chiefly due to the shutdown of crude oil storage. By contrast, refined petroleum products alone rose by 7%. Other liquid bulks (essentially for the companies Rubis and Polimeri Europa) fell 29% to 1.17 MT. Liquid bulks were 15% down overall at 6.83 MT.


Ore traffic continued to perform well and posted a rise of 5% (12.05 MT) over 2011. Coal, with a healthy trend in exports, showed a 10% increase to 8.33 MT. Grain exports for 2012 are being compared with an exceptional year in 2011 (it must be remembered that the grain campaign from July 2010 to June 2011 had set a new record of 2.34 MT). The 2012 traffic figure was 1.13 MT (down 43%), but exports from the 2012 harvest only began at the end of November.
«Small» solid bulks fell 5% to 2.64 MT. Overall, solid bulks rose 2% to 24.15 MT.


General cargoes were up as a whole, increasing 4% to 16.24 MT for the year 2012. Cross-channel RoRo traffic maintained the trend begun at the end of 2011 and posted an increase of 10% to 13 MT. The number of trucks and trailers rose by 13% (more than 560,000 freight units). Passenger numbers showed a slight drop of 5% with nearly 2.5 million passengers and drivers. Tourist vehicles were down 17% (730,000 vehicles).

Container traffic was slightly below the 2011 figure, with a total of 260,000 TEU, a drop of 5%.

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