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9th april 2013

Contrat de progrès vignet

Signed in February 2005 and renewed in 2009, the Progress Contract between Dunkerque-Port, the Maritime and Commercial Union and French Waterways reports signifi cant results, in line with its goal of promoting the development of waterway transport to and from the port of Dunkirk.

In the seven years since 2004, pre-routing and on-forwarding by waterway in the port of Dunkirk have increased by more than 80%, with a total of nearly 3 million tonnes of goods in 2012, confirming Dunkirk’s position as the leading inland waterway port of the Nord-Pas de Calais region.

These positive figures are the result of actions carried out in the framework of the Progress Contract:

Major investments to facilitate handling operations;

Commercial actions leading to increased traffic volumes and greater diversification of waterway markets;

Studies undertaken with local operators on emerging sectors and structures for accommodating waterway transport.

In the future the entire area will be mobilised with the arrival of a new partner, Dunkirk Urban Community.

Through a number of projects, the Progress Contract will improve on the results already observed.
These projects are based on four working guidelines:

• Enhancing the overall attractiveness of the area’s waterway offer;

• Developing the transport offer for containers and new sectors;

• Supporting the development of waterway transport within the city of Dunkirk;

• Carrying out joint actions for promotion and communication.