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28th june 2013


The photo exhibition «Arrêt sur Images», which was shown extensively in the Nord-Pas de Calais region and Belgium in 2012, is going to China. 30 photos from this highly successful itinerant exhibition will be displayed on 9 July 2013 during Dunkerque-Port’s 4th Symposium in Shanghai, the world’s largest port where Dunkirk has an agency.

The exhibition, created and designed by the communications department of Dunkerque-Port, comprises original pictures taken by 9 photographers (Jean-Louis Burnod, Bernard Cartiaux, Didier Carette, Michel Guilbert, Maël Kernéis, Laurent Mayeux, Christian Merlen, Sébastien Miserole and Sébastien Tomyn). These photos are the work of artists, and show a firm commitment to the aesthetic. The aim is to present the work of photographers with very varied careers who regularly come and photograph life in the port of Dunkirk, and to reveal the unpublished pictures of an aerial photography specialist, a tethered balloon expert, and photographers on the ground with complementary outlooks. Visitors to the exhibition will discover the port as it really is, the port of today prefiguring the port of tomorrow: operators, cargoes, the port at night and through the seasons, environmental aspects, the place of the port in the city, and more. The photos of this exhibition have been compiled in a book with captions in French, English and Mandarin, with a preface by Sun Jianping, General Director of the Port of Shanghai. The book was a gift to Mr Sun from the Commercial Director of Dunkerque-Port, Daniel Deschodt, during the Port’s last visit to Shanghai one year ago.

Dunkerque-Port’s 4th Symposium will be held at the Royal Méridien Hotel and will be attended by Emmanuel Lenain, Consul General of France in Shanghai, Lin Zhang, Deputy General Director of the Port of Shanghai, Yann Pitollet, General Director of Nord France Invest, and Daniel Deschodt, Commercial Director of Dunkerque-Port. During the Symposium, Nord France Invest and Dunkerque-Port will present the characteristics and advantages of France’s third-ranking port and describe the latest developments.

On this occasion, Dunkerque-Port’s website is available in Mandarin: