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27th may 2016


Indaver intends to set up a new factory in Loon Plage/Dunkirk, IndaChlor, to recycle production residues and products containing residual chlorine.

The Belgian firm Indaver will present a new project at the next project committee meeting of the Côte d’Opale and Flanders SPPPI (Permanent Secretariat for Problems relating to Industrial Pollution).
Indaver intends to set up a new factory in the port industrial area of Loon Plage/Dunkirk. It represents an investment of 40 million Euros and the creation of 20 direct jobs by the end of 2018.

Indaver, a European leader in the sustainable management of household and industrial waste, already has specialist treatment facilities using cutting-edge technologies. Indaver always does everything possible to recover a maximum of reusable materials and substances and generate energy from waste. 
Said Indaver's CEO Paul De Bruycker: "With the construction of this new 40,000-tonne treatment plant, to be named IndaChlor, in the port of Dunkirk, Indaver will recycle production residues and products containing residual chlorine to recover the chlorine in the form of hydrochloric acid and make gainful use of the energy generated. Hydrochloric acid is a product widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical and food industries. Indaver wants to develop a sustainable solution for the Dunkirk area and set up a circular economy that is both safe and environmentally-friendly".
The project will create a strong bond with local partners. Indaver will build this facility near to factories with the aim of industrial symbiosis, and the IndaChlor factory will offer many advantages. Aliphos will be able to use the hydrochloric acid in their production process. Instead of transporting this raw material, Indaver will deliver the hydrochloric acid directly to the factory by pipeline. The energy generated by IndaChlor during the treatment process will also be used: the new plant will supply this steam to local industries, also by pipeline.
Stéphane Raison, CEO of Dunkerque-Port, commented: "The site selected is in a favourable location for this industrial ecology project supplying two neighbouring factories. This project confirms the attractiveness of the port of Dunkirk, the largest industrial-port complex in France with its neighbours on the coast. Dunkerque-Port, a sustainable port, is reinforcing its position as the major trading port of the new Hauts de France Region".
Those with responsibility for the urban community, headed by its President Patrice Vergriete, and David Bailleul, President of Dunkerque Promotion, are delighted with this decision: "It illustrates the area's attractiveness for increasing numbers of Belgian investors. This industrial project is part of a drive of industrial ecology and circular economy".
The Urban Community and Dunkerque Promotion, together with government departments, Business France, the Hauts de France region and Nord France Invest, have been fully mobilised since the beginning of 2015, and will continue to support the development of this project which will boost the growth of Aliphos  (100 direct and indirect jobs).


Indaver is a European leader in the management of household and industrial waste, particularly in the pharmaceutical, chemical and metallurgical sectors.
The company employs a staff of 1,700 and is a subsidiary of the Belgian group Katoen Natie. It is present in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain and Portugal


The ninth port of the Channel and North Sea Range and the third-ranking port of France, Dunkirk has built a strong reputation in many sectors: the busiest passenger port in Europe (Calais-Dunkirk axis); the largest port complex in France (traffic of more than 90 MT through Calais-Dunkirk); France's largest energy hub; the largest LNG terminal; the leading port for containerised fruit and vegetable imports; the leading French port for ore and coal imports; France's largest rail port; the largest waterway port in the region; and France's third-ranking port for grain traffic. Dunkerque-Port is also a sustainable port. It is the trading port of the new Hauts de France Region, the country's largest agricultural region, the leading rail industry region, and the leading car industry region. Traffic in 2015 was 46.6 MT.

Dunkirk Urban Community

The first voluntary urban community in France, Dunkirk Urban Community was formed in 1968, and the new public entity began working on 1 January 1969 for the development of the conurbation and the well-being of its residents.
In 2015 the conurbation comprised 21 full and associated municipalities, covering part of maritime Flanders and the whole coastline of the Nord département.
The elected officials of DUC also represent the conurbation in negotiations with the State, the Region, the Département and all the partner institutions and associations active in local and regional development.
In this respect, DUC has taken responsibility for local economic development, in liaison with all its partners and in compliance with the economic policies set out by the Region following the laws on decentralised implementation of public policy.
More recently, in 2014, Dunkirk Urban Community launched the Local Employment Convention (Etats Généraux de l’Emploi Local – EGEL) with the aim of promoting employment and developing the area's attractiveness and economic growth.
Two years after its launch, this initiative, carried out in cooperation with all the stakeholders of the area, has resulted in a number of concrete policies in the key fields of local economy: innovation, entrepreneurship, energy, tourism, land and buildings for economic use, care services, vocational training, etc.

Dunkerque Promotion

Dunkerque Promotion is the economic development agency of Dunkirk's labour market with responsibility for prospecting for investors, promoting the area and supporting businesses in their development and innovation projects. Its role is to facilitate the setup of businesses in the labour market area and the achievement of their projects. The Management Board of Dunkerque Promotion is composed of Dunkirk Urban Community, Dunkerque-Port, the Hauts de Flandre Combined District Council and 39 partners (mostly private companies).

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