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28th september 2017


One year ago, all the region's freight operators and the managers of its port infrastructuresset out the fundamentals of a new ambition: "to become the logistics hub of north-western Europe and join forces to make this shared ambition a reality".

The Norlink Ports Association was then formed to lay the foundations of this dynamic, with all the operators of the sector.

A year after its launch, the region's freight operators and port infrastructure managerswill present the new services on offer and the prospects of development to enhance the region's attractiveness in economic, industrial and logistics terms.

Norlink Ports is a dynamic with four goals:

  • To affirm the status of the Hauts-de-France as a logistics region of European dimension
  • To maximise the profitability of planned freight infrastructures
  • To provide answers to companies' freight and logistics problems
  • To build sustainable transport of goods in the Hauts-de-France region

During its first year, the association carried out several concrete actions:

  • Representation of all the Hauts-de-France ports under the Norlink Ports banner at transport and logistics trade fairs
  • Support for the implementation of major infrastructure and logistics development projects  
  • Extension of a Cargo Community System across the Hauts-de-France region

 Looking ahead, Norlink Ports will continue to work with all the freight and logistics operators of the Hauts-de-France to make this region the multimodal hub of the future.

Thereview meetingon 27 September 2017 will see these areas of progress confirmed in different agreements:

  • Dunkerque-Port / DRAAF (Regional Department of Food, Agriculture and Forestry)

The agreement between the Hauts-de-France DRAAF and Dunkerque-Port will strengthen the partnership between these two entities and so help to ensure faster, smoother transit of goods via Dunkirk.

  • Norlink Ports / Voies Navigables de France (French Waterways)

Voies Navigables de France and Norlink Ports have a shared ambition: to see the region's excellent harbour, maritime and waterway infrastructures used to best advantage. The purpose of the partnership agreement which they will sign on 27 September 2017 is to help the member ports of Norlink Ports in drafting and implementing their strategic plans in order to boost traffic and increase the modal share of waterway transport in their ports, in both the bulk and container sectors.

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