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6th october 2017


On Friday 6 October the staff of Dunkerque-Port was mobilised for Pink October. 

This special day, arranged jointly by the management of Dunkerque-Port and its Health & Safety and Works committees, was an opportunity for discussion on many topics associated with cancer in the presence of specialists: gynaecologist Dr Étienne Chantrel and cancer expert Dr Jean-Philippe Wagner, as well as the association Au-delà du Cancer ("Beyond Cancer").                 

The event included a lecture, and a number of people shared their personal experiences, with stress laid on the fundamentals of prevention and of personal and professional help and support. A double challenge was held on the forecourt of the Port of Dunkirk: "the longest human ribbon formed by the staff – carrying pink umbrellas" and a launch of balloons "carrying hope" for this cause.

Safety and health at work are a major preoccupation at Dunkerque-Port where the staff are given regular awareness training sessions.

About Dunkerque-Port:
The largest French port complex (Calais-Dunkirk); the ninth port of the Channel and North Sea Range and France's third-largest port, Dunkirk has built a reputation in many sectors: it is the largest passenger port in Europe (Calais-Dunkirk hub); France's largest energy hub; the country's largest LNG terminal; the leading French port for containerised fruit and vegetable imports; the largest French port for ore and coal imports; France's largest rail port; the region's largest waterway port; and the third-ranking French port for grain traffic. Dunkerque-Port is also a sustainable port. It is the trading port of the new Hauts-de-France Region, the largest agricultural region of France, the leading region for the rail industry, and the leading region for the car industry. Traffic in 2016 was 46.7 MT.

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