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13rd march 2018


Container handling in the Port of Dunkirk takes place mainly at the Flanders Terminal. The activity continues to grow steadily, with numbers increasing from 200,000 TEU in 2010 to 375,000 TEU in 2017.

In February 2017, to maintain this development and ensure that the world's largest container carriers can be berthed in all sea conditions, the Port of Dunkirk, as Project Owner, launched the building of the Flanders Terminal Extension.

This extension will enable the container terminal operator, as of 2019, to berth two new-generation megamax container carriers simultaneously.

On completion of the works, scheduled for the end of 2018, the Flanders Terminal quay will have a total length of 1,800 m, with a draught of 16.5 m under all tidal conditions, and provide two berths.

This major undertaking stands as a pioneering project due to the size of the earthworks, the volume of material dredged and the techniques used to build the future quays.  

The project is also outstanding in environmental terms through the specific measures carried out continuously on site, as well as socially through the 10,000 hours of inclusion, integral to the civil engineering contract, reserved for people experiencing particular difficulties in finding work.

These investment works form part of the strategy for reconquering the hinterland of the Hauts-de-France Region.

The complete programme of the operation involves:

·         Extending the present quay over a length of 500 m with a draught of 16.5 m;

·         Dredging of approximately 4 million m3 of sand in the Atlantic Dock to allow access to the new berths;

·         Equipping the entire Flanders quay with stronger bollards and docking fenders.

The total cost of the works is estimated at 61.4 M€ ex-VAT, with the State contributing 20.4 M€ ex-VAT to the project.

The operation is broken down into a number of works phases.

·         The Civil Engineering works involve building the future quay over a length of 500 m, and were begun in February 2017.

The technique chosen is that of the combi-wall, ensuring the stability of the future quay based on driven piles and tubes, arranged in two braced curtain walls.

A new gantry crane will arrive at the Flanders Terminal at the beginning of May 2018 for use in these works.

·         The Dredging works will take place during the summer and autumn of 2018.

The materials removed in this operation will be used for resanding the coastline and also for raising the level of the logistics platforms.

·         The other works (creation of docking fenders and compensatory environmental measures) are in progress.

Completion of the works and final commissioning are scheduled for the end of 2018.

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