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18th october 2019


On Tuesday, 8 October 2019, in the presence of Daniel Barnier, Deputy Prefect for Equal Opportunities representing the Prefect for the Nord Region, Stéphane Raison, President of the Executive Board of Dunkerque-Port, Julien LEMESRE, Director of the Dunkerque-Port Piloting Department, Bruno Mahieu, Shipping Line Operations Manager for Boluda Towage and Alexandre Bossu, President of the Coasting Pilots Cooperative, proceeded to sign a PAQTE agreement.  

The PAQTE (the French acronym for Pact with Neighbourhoods for All Companies), an initiative of the Ministry of Regional Cohesion and Relations with regional and local authorities, backed by IMPACT partners & Bpifrance, is a support program for all those who strive to improve the economic inclusion of the inhabitants in the regions in question. It is a cross-the-board business approach focusing on four issues: Raising Awareness, Training, Recruitment and Purchasing.

• Raising the awareness of youngsters about the business world, through 4th year internships or talks in schools about entrepreneurship;

• Access to work-study programs, for the occupational integration of young people from working-class neighbourhoods, but also to recognize their skills;

• Promoting recruitment without discrimination, through self-assessment and training, or special platforms;

• Economic development of Priority neighbourhoods as part an Urban Development Policy (QPV), by facilitating purchases from entrepreneurs who have set up site or recruit in those neighbourhoods.

Dunkerque-Port Mooring, Towing and Piloting departments wanted to back the agreement by setting up up a discovery course of port trades. They have offered internships for 15 trainees in the 4th year of secondary school who live in the neighbourhoods. The youngsters will be assessed by the harbour master's office and then oriented towards the various trades.

To support this approach of raising awareness and learning about port activities, Dunkerque-Port Mooring, Towing and Piloting departments will invite employees to give talks once or twice a year in local colleges and high schools to explain the business lines in a port and by publishing internship offers on

Dunkerque-Port considers that apprenticeship is a lever that has proved its effectiveness in terms of professional integration, especially that of young people. The Port has therefore undertaken to welcome apprentices from the neighbourhoods. It will also take part in activities promoting sandwich courses and apprenticeships in forums organized throughout the region.

To support this approach, Dunkerque-Port will offer training courses as tutors for its employees who wish to hand on their know-how and help them in their commitment as tutors for apprentices.

Finally, Dunkerque-Port is also committed to training managers and Human Resources teams in non-discrimination, in particular by forwarding its job offers to Entreprendre Ensemble. In conjunction with Réseau Alliances, Dunkerque-Port will launch the SQUAD Employment initiative to support young people from the neighbourhoods in their search for jobs. The initiative, which will be carried out every year, will start in the 1st quarter of 2020.

Alongside all the port stakeholders, Dunkerque-Port is committed to a community-minded approach to bring people closer to the sea and give birth to new vocations.

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