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3rd july 2020


On June 24, Dunkerque-Port was again awarded PERS certification (Port Environmental Review System) set up by the EcoPorts network and issued by the ESPO (European Sea Ports Organisation).

This environmental management certification, specific to the port sector, attests to correct compliance with current rules and standards, and rewards involvement in projects and initiatives for better environmental performance in ports.

Its renewal for Dunkerque-Port confirms the global action carried out for more than a decade by the port in favour of environmental conservation  within the framework of its activities. The new certification praised in particular the exemplary nature of the redevelopment of brownfield sites, the originality of the manual of environmental recommendations for site set-up by new industrialists as well as the involvement of Dunkerque-Port in the PaQte* program. The financial traceability of environmental operations, the planning and monitoring of the Planning and Sustainable Development Plan (PA2D**) as well as the port's eco-responsible involvement towards its employees were also fully recognised.

The PERS, and its operational version via the PA2D**, demonstrates the intent of Dunkerque-Port to continue to develop its activities through effective and responsible environmental management, in connection with the European Green Deal. This means work by the port in coming years will focus on supporting innovation for the deployment of the energy transition in the port precinct, in connection with the decarbonisation of the precinct and expanding the circular economy.

Dunkerque is a member of the select network of 112 European and Mediterranean ports with the EcoPorts label, and of the 21 ports with PERS certification.

For the record, in 2016 Dunkerque-Port was a winner at the ESPO Awards on the theme of "Nature in ports". The ESPO had already recognised the proactive stance of the port of Dunkerque in terms of conservation of the natural heritage in its precinct.

The PERS is awarded to ports after submitting a detailed report to Lloyd’s Register, and is valid for two years.


* PaQte: Launched in July 2018, the “Neighbourhood pact for all businesses” (PaQte) allows companies to make a contribution to the economic and social development of priority neighbourhoods in city policy.

** PA2D: A voluntary and innovative approach, launched in 2014, the Development and Sustainable Development Plan (PA2D) for Dunkerque-Port sets the guidelines and objectives for sustainable management of the port in its role as developer and manager of the precinct that it oversees. In line with the Strategic Project, the PA2D constitutes the matrix of actions undertaken in favour of sustainable development and environmental conservation in line with the 17 sustainable development objectives of the United Nations (Global Compact) and the 10 priorities of the ESPO included in the PERS certification.

About ESPO:
Formed in 1993, the European Sea Ports Organisation is an association that brings together European sea ports to encourage the sustainable development of port activities. ESPO's main role is to defend the interests of European Union ports within the Community's organisations. The Brussels-based organisation was responsible for the first Code of "good" environmental practice in 1994 and the launch of the EcoPorts initiative a few years later.

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