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Activités industrielles

The territory of the Port of Dunkirk covers 7,000 hectares. More than 3,000 hectares is presently available for new projects.

The largest industrial firms have chosen Dunkirk as the location for their premises.

With its history and geographic location, the city of Dunkirk has become an essential link in the European energy network, due to the number and size of the facilities for production, import, consumption and conversion of energy installed on its territory. Nuclear and thermal power plants, a coal port, a wind power station, a waste-to-energy plant and a gas pipeline are all integral to this energy hub.

Dunkirk supplies electricity to the French grid as well as to neighbouring countries, and also has new projects such as the LNG terminal which EDF plans to build in Dunkirk's Western Port. In 2014 this site should accommodate LNG carriers of up to 266,000 m3.