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Zone logistique du Port Ouest
Ideally situated near the city of Lille, in the heart of the London-Paris-Brussels triangle and a market of more than 100 million consumers, Dunkirk has made the most of its geographic location and its excellent road and rail links to develop logistics and distribution activities in the port. Its geographic location is ideal for serving London and south-east England, Benelux and north-eastern France. Dunkirk is a major centre for the distribution of fruit and other goods imported by sea and for distribution to Great Britain. Throughout the Dunkirk logistics area, all operations in private  warehouses are carried out by the operator's own staff. More than 120,000 m² of warehouses are already installed at the Western Port.


Temperature-controlled warehouse specialising in fruit and vegetable logistics (26,000 sqm).


Temperature-controlled warehouse specialising in banana logistics (5,000 sqm).


A sub-zero refrigerated warehouse (40,000 sqm).

DailyFresh Logistics

Warehouse specialising in fresh produce logistics (6,000 sqm).

Quai de l’Atlantique

20,000 sqm warehouse which can be split into 2 10,000 sqm cells.

MGF Logistique

Two warehouses with a total of 20,000 sqm (container filling and emptying - Storage of various goods).

DK 1

18,600 sqm warehouse with rail link beneath canopy (ICPE classification pending for sections 1510 -1530).


10,000 sqm warehouse (goods inwards, canned tuna importing and distribution).

Taillieu Logistique Nord

3,000 sqm warehouse designed
to store up to a height of 8.80 m.