The port of Dunkerque

Présentation du Port
Located on the North Sea, just one and a half hours’ sailing time from the world’s busiest seaway (600 ships every day), the Port of Dunkirk offers excellent accessibility to shipping and large land reserves

Its facilities mean it can handle all kinds of cargoes and the largest ships.  
The port extends along a frontage of 17 km and has two entries for shipping : the older, to the east, which is restricted to ships with draughts of 14,2 metres (Eastern Port), and the other to the west, which is more recent and can accommodate ships with draughts of up to 22 metres (Western Port).

The port’s territory covers 7,000 hectares and includes ten towns : Dunkirk, Saint-Pol-sur-Mer, Fort-Mardyck, Grande-Synthe, Mardyck, Loon-Plage, Gravelines, Craywick, Saint-Georges-sur-l’Aa and Bourbourg. 

Situated 40 km from the English port of Dover, 10 km from the Belgian frontier, close to the city of Lille and at the heart of the Brussels-London-Paris triangle, Dunkirk is the ideal platform for goods consolidation and redistribution in Europe.