Pleasure boating


The Port of Dunkirk has three marinas for pleasure boats:

  • Port de Plaisance Dunkerque Neptune
  • Yacht Club de la Mer du Nord (YCMN)
  • "Les Dauphins" association.
Pleasure boats wishing to enter the Port of Dunkirk must be particularly watchful and careful. Dunkirk has a large volume of commercial traffic, including ships with large draughts and poor manoeuvrability, and ships carrying hazardous materials.

In accordance with the Sea Ports Code, the access conditions are specified in the Port Regulations.

Western Outer Port

Closed to pleasure craft.

Eastern Outer Port

The following articles set out the conditions for pleasure boating:

Article 4.2.1. of Permanent General Instruction 88:

Beacon lights are installed on the tower (floodlit at night) of the Western pier of the Eastern Port (Jetée de Saint Pol).

They consist of two rows of three superimposed fixed red lights which operate simultaneously as follows:
- 3 superimposed fixed red lights, azimuth 180°, 180° to open sea: No Entry.
- 3 superimposed fixed red lights, azimuth 345°, 90° to the port: No Exit.

If there is a problem with the beacon lights, the No-Entry / No-Exit message is replaced by a single fixed red light in the middle of each row.

These beacon lights are intended for non-commercial traffic, i.e. mainly pleasure and fishing boats.

Article 6 of Permanent General Instruction 88:

Unless special permission has been granted  by the Harbour Master's Office, pleasure boats may only enter and exit the floating docks via the Trystam lock.

The lock's operating times are given in a special notice to mariners (complete table on next page).

In misty or foggy weather, the Harbour Master's Office may prohibit the movement of pleasure boats inside the port.

Article 6 of Dunkirk Port Regulations:

The movement of pleasure craft is strictly limited to the shortest route, in either direction, between the Eastern Outer Port and one of the marinas (via locks as appropriate).

Pleasure craft must not hinder the manoeuvres of commercial vessels. They must keep to the sides of channels and must not block the path of ships.

No fishing is allowed from vessels in the waters of the port and outer port.

Anchoring is forbidden in the waters of the port and outer port.

No pleasure craft are allowed to moor outside the specially designated areas, unless explicit permission has been granted by the Harbour Master's Office.

VHF: We strongly recommend that you monitor the port's VHF Channel 73 and, if necessary, contact "Dunkerque VTS" for further information.

Speed is limited to 5 knots in the channels and docks. Speed must be adapted when approaching marinas or during handling operations or works along the quays.

Contact the marinas

Dunkerque Neptune marinas

Created in 1993 with 250 berths, the Dunkerque Neptune marinas now offer 655 berths located in three sites:
- Grand Large marina; direct access 24 hours a day.
- Bassin du Commerce marina.
- The new Bassin de la Marine marina which was opened in September 2004.

Located near the city centre, the inner harbours are an ideal starting point for shopping and exploring Dunkirk, the city of Jean Bart.

All the marinas have water and electricity supply points and sanitary facilities. Two pumping stations for soilwater and wastewater are installed on the pontoons of the inner harbours. All the marinas offer visitor facilities.

Awarded the Blue Flag environmental label in 1999, the port offers waste sorting, recycling of batteries and oil, and general ship waste treatment on an appropriate site. Maintenance and other chandlery services are available on site.

Information and reservations at Grand Large reception on 00 33 3 28 63 23 00
Information and reservations for the inner harbours at the Port Office on 00 3 28 24 58 80

Yacht Club de la Mer du Nord

(250 berths and 50 visitor berths)
Tel.: - Fax: 

"Les Dauphins" association

"Les Marins de la Citadelle" association