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UGPBAN and DUNKERQUE-PORT sign a partnership charter with farmers' associations in the Caribbean
1st february 2010

Signature Charte UGPBAN

After 12 years of close cooperation between Guadeloupe and Martinique in the refrigerated carriage of bananas, Dunkerque-Port and theGuadeloupe and Martinique Banana Producers' Associations Union (UGPBAN) have decided to reinforce their partnership by signing a new charter. Bananas account for an annual tonnage of approximately 300,000 tonnes for Dunkerque-Port

Bringing together the professionals of the sector, the document was signed during a trade mission to the Caribbean in mid-January, led by Martine Bonny, Chair of the Executive Committee at Dunkerque-Port. The primary purpose of the charter is to guarantee quality during banana discharging operations in Dunkirk; it is also intended to put in place progress plans identified as relevant in the area of sustainable development.

Finally, the presence of the Dockers' Secretary General Franck Gonsse, who accompanied the delegation from Dunkirk, demonstrates a determined policy of guaranteed corporate reliability in the Port.

An event attended by all the signatories to this charter is scheduled shortly, this time in Dunkirk, in the presence of UGPBAN Chairman Eric de Lucy.