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22nd march 2011


In connection with World Water Day on 22 March, an agreement has been signed between DUNKERQUE-PORT and BEFESA ZINC in Gravelines, on the release of effluents into port docks.

The aim of the agreement is to protect the marine environment by monitoring three criteria: the quality of domestic water, the quality of rainwater, and the quality of water produced by manufacturing processes.
To date, Dunkerque-Port has signed nearly 50 agreements with the companies installed on its territory, each of whom undertakes to treat the water before it is released and to communicate the results of sampling at the works outlet.

The agreements form part of the "Sustainable Development" section of Dunkerque-Port's strategic plan which includes anti-pollution measures, the safeguarding of water quality, the protection of the coastline, and the preservation of biodiversity. This agreement was signed in the presence of Stéphane Raison, Planning and Environment Director at Dunkerque-Port, and Denis Chevé, General Director of BEFESA ZINC*.

* The BEFESA VALERA factory in Dunkirk recycles dust and waste from the stainless steel production plants in order to extract noble metals such as chrome and nickel. The factory employs approximately 80 people and treats 120,000 tonnes of dust a year. In Gravelines, BEFESA ZINC is setting up a washing and purification plant for zinc-rich dust produced by the carbon steel production processes, with an investment estimated at 15M€. This installation will be near the present BEFESA VALERA factory in Dunkirk. The future plant in Gravelines will focus on washing and purification operations at end of process.