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3rd june 2021


Maurice GEORGES, 55, a senior engineer in the French Corps of Bridges, Waters and Forests (IPEF), has been appointed Chair of the Executive Board of the Major Seaport of Dunkerque (GPMD) by decree of the President of the French Republic, dated 3 June 2021.

Meeting on Tuesday, 18 May, the members of the GPMD Supervisory Board issued a unanimously favourable opinion on the candidacy of Maurice GEORGES for the post of Chair of the Executive Board.

Maurice GEORGES has been Director of Air Navigation Services (DSNA) with the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) since 2009. The DSNA is the country's operator in charge of the safety, regularity and environmental integration of civil air traffic. With 7,200 civil service employees, including 4,000 air traffic controllers, the DSNA operates, provides through-life support services and modernizes the five regional air navigation centres and the 80 control towers in France and overseas for regional authorities and their users and customers, airlines and airports.

Maurice GEORGES has previously held various positions with the French Government armaments agency and the Air Navigation Bureau, in Paris and in regional cities, notably in Brest where he headed a regional air traffic control centre.

“Heading the port of Dunkerque for me represents an exhilarating commitment. I shall seek to ensure my experience in civil aviation serves every member of the port community, a sector which shares a large number of values, skills and issues with the maritime and logistics sectors. Many challenges lie ahead, but the port of Dunkerque is resolutely engaged in a new cycle of structural transformation central to our country's port strategy, in favour of sustainable and inclusive development as well as the ecological and energy transition of Dunkerque, the Hauts-de-France region and the nation as a whole. To do so, the draft strategic plan for the port has already outlined a clear initial direction for the future, driven by our management team, whose high levels of skill and sense of team spirit I should like to commend”, stated Maurice GEORGES.

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