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5th march 2018


Nominated in eight categories, Christopher Nolan's film "Dunkirk" brilliantly won three awards at the 90th Oscars Ceremony in Los Angeles on 3 March: for best editing (Lee Smith), best sound mixing and best sound editing (Richard King and Alex Gibson). These three well-deserved Oscars honour the technological and cinematographic excellence of the film crew's work.

Dunkerque-Port CEO Stéphane Raison, speaking for the entire staff of Grand Port Maritime de Dunkerque, is absolutely delighted with this list of winners and sends warmest congratulations to Christopher Nolan, the producers and the whole film crew. These awards also stress the high level of professionalism displayed by the staff of Dunkerque-Port who supported the director and his team at each stage of the shooting.

Indeed, from the very first post-scouting meetings with the producers and the directing team in 2015, to the last day of filming in June 2016, the staff of the Commercial Division, the Operations and Development Divisions, and the Harbour Master's Office worked tirelessly to meet all the different technical needs. The Mole in the Eastern Port of Dunkirk, the historical site of the re-embarkation in May and June 1940, was completely rebuilt and restored to its original appearance. The spectacular result seen in the film "Dunkirk" required all the expertise of Dunkerque-Port's technical staff. And to ensure it was really authentic, Christopher Nolan wanted to film real boats, and the arrival of a large fleet of historic vessels and their manœuvres at sea had to be managed with very great care, in the often complex environment of a port in operation day and night. But such an undertaking could never have been achieved without the outstanding way in which the port worked with the staff of the City of Dunkirk and the Urban Community, an exemplary collaboration which was often remarked upon by the clients and partners of the port.

This film "Dunkirk" will change forever people's view of Dunkirk, the first port in the world to feature in Oscar nominations and awards.



About Dunkerque-Port:
The largest French port complex (Calais-Dunkirk); the ninth port of the Channel and North Sea Range and France's third-largest port, Dunkirk has built a reputation in many sectors: it is the largest passenger port in Europe (Calais-Dunkirk hub); France's largest energy hub; the country's largest LNG terminal; the leading French port for containerised fruit and vegetable imports; the largest French port for ore and coal imports; France's largest rail port; the region's largest waterway port; and the third-ranking French port for grain traffic. Dunkerque-Port is also a sustainable port. It is the trading port of the new Hauts-de-France Region, the largest agricultural region of France, the leading region for the rail industry, and the leading region for the car industry. Traffic in 2017 was 50.4 MT.

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