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Chargement de tubes


  • BCMO

    Dockers' Employment Agency for day-labourers until the 1992 law. No longer exists in Dunkirk. 

  • Ballast tank

    A space in the bottom of the vessel, underneath the holds, which is filled with fuel or water to create ballast or alter the vessel's trim.

  • Bill of Lading (B/L)

    Document showing the ownership of the goods entrusted by the shipper to a shipowner. it is issued by the shipowner and enables the consignee to claim the goods from the shipowner.

  • Boatage

    Placing the mooring lines of a vessel on bollards or dolphins and removing them.

  • Bollard

    Thick round-headed post installed on a quay for mooring ships.

  • Bolster

    Standardised platform for intermodal transport.

  • Break-bulk / Deconsolidation

    Distribution of goods upon arrival at destination to different consignees.

  • Broker

    Specialist buying or selling goods or negotiating insure, freight rates, securities or other matters on behalf of a principal, in return for an agreed commission; the sales or transactions are negotiated in the principal's name and not his own.
    There are several categories of brokers, the main ones being:
    - interpreting brokers and shipbrokers (sworn), 
    - chartering brokers (when acting for the cargo at export, they find the vessel),
    - chartering brokers (when acting for the shipowner, they find the cargo),
    - ship sale and purchase brokers,
    - sworn brokers,
    - sworn insurance brokers.

  • Bunkering

    Loading of ship's fuel.

  • C&F

    Cost and Freight included in export price, insurance excluded.