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DUNKERQUE-PORT, PORTS DE LILLE, DELTA 3: setup of a Trade Association ("GIE")
3rd october 2011


On 16 September 2011 Dunkerque-Port, Ports de Lille and Delta 3 met in Lille for the General Meeting to set up the "GARP" (Regional Port Operators Group) Trade Association.

This association, the aim of which is to facilitate, develop and improve the economic activity of its members (particularly in connection with the building of the Seine-Nord canal), intends to pool its engineering especially in the following areas:

•    joint commercial promotion highlighting the complementarity and assets of each member, particularly as regards logistics areas and warehouses;
•    organising joint forums with shippers and carriers;
•    setting up common lobbying;
•    business intelligence;
•    market surveys and research by sector;
•    developing a specific identity.

The Meeting elected the committee and appointed Stéphane Raison (Interim Chair of the Executive Committee at Dunkerque-Port) as Chairman, and Bernard Pacory (General Director of Ports de Lille) as the Group's Executive Vice-Chairman.
Through this association, Dunkerque-Port, Ports de Lille and Delta 3 hope to contribute to the development of contacts between the clients of the Nord-Pas de Calais Region and the Port of Dunkirk to promote consolidated transport.