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12th april 2012


After a slow month of February, the figures for March are again encouraging. Total traffic to the end of March was up 2% over last year.

Hydrocarbons were down at 1.41MT due to the shutdown of crude oil storage. However, refined products alone posted an increase of 7%.

Other liquid bulks were down (-28% at 389KT).

Liquid bulks fell by 23% overall to 1.80MT.

Ore volumes for March were good and reached a figure closer to that of 2011 (-5% compared with the first quarter of 2011, with a tonnage of 2.74MT). Coal confirmed the rise recorded since the start of 2012 and was up 50% at 1.86MT.

Grain traffic in March was good although it did not reach the exceptional export volume of 328KT recorded for the month of March 2011 alone. It posted a drop of 53% (289KT) compared with the same period in 2011.

Volumes of "small" bulks were down by 20%.

Solid bulks were generally stable at 5.46MT.

General cargoes were up 19% at 4.50MT.

RoRo traffic continued to grow with an increase of +33% to 3.58MT.

Freight vehicles were up 36% with 159,000 trucks and trailers, and tourist traffic totalled 502,000 drivers and passengers (+31%).

With 67,500 TEU, containers showed a small drop of 4% compared with 2011 which included some exceptional calls.