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14th june 2012

Mise_en _service_nouveau_pont_vignet

To control the flow of tourist vehicles going to the Braek Dyke (potentially dense traffic in summer) and the flow of vehicles for the LNG terminal worksite, Dunkerque-Port and Dunkerque LNG agreed to install a new bridge over the Dunes Lock. This is now open, having been commissioned on 15 May

The entire complex comprises two roundabouts (before and after the bridge) and a fixed bridge compatible with the gauge of the different barges using the Dunes Lock. This complex makes it possible to separate traffic coming in and going out towards Clipon and the Braek Dyke, improving safety and the free flow of traffic.

At entry, going towards the Braek Dyke or Clipon, the moveable bridge is now inaccessible, so that vehicles have to use the new structure. At exit, the two structures remain accessible. If the moveable bridge is lifted, outgoing vehicles will use the new bridge, to avoid the risk of congestion.

Access is also easier for cyclists, as the complex includes a cycle path.

The new bridge has a gauge of 7.20 m and is 57 metres long with three spans