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Chargement de tubes


  • Multimodal

    CURSORUse of several of transport modes in succession to carry goods from one point to another. Coastal shipping may form part of multimodal transport.

  • Narrows

    Narrow channel between two bodies of water.

  • Nautical mile

    CURSORStandard unit of measure equal to 1,852 m or 6,080 ft, or, for practical purposes, the length of one minute of arc of a meridian on the equator.

  • Open Top

    Container with an open roof.

  • PLTC

    Port Liner Term Charges. The part of the handling fees paid by the shipper.

  • Pier to Pier

    Term covering the transport of goods from the shipper's quay to the receiver's quay.

  • Pilotage

    Assistance provided by a pilot to a ship's master when entering or leaving port.

  • Port side

    The left side of a ship moving forward.

  • Provisioning

    Providing all materials, supplies and navigation equipment necessary for a vessel's sea voyage.

  • Ro-Ro (Ship)

    Vessel designed for horizontal handling of cargo by easy rolling via a ramp (Roll-on, Roll-off).